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PE / PVC Film Applicator

To protect the quality of a stainless steel surface during fabrication, installation and commissioning, PE or PVC films are the answer. Tata Steel Metals has the ability to apply these films during the sheeting and polishing process, and also as a separate “one off” function. We regularly apply film to aluminium, copper and brass sheet to customer’s own material (C.O.M).

Film Varieties

Many different combinations of film & adhesive types, film thickness, and adhesive levels, are available to suit the various processes metals are put through, e.g. Laser Cutting, Deep Drawing, Perforating, Punching, Folding, etc. Many of these films enable marker pens to be used for marking out fabrication details.

Cost Savings

Expensive re-polishing or re-manufacture can be avoided by using these very cost effective films.


Ink jet marking can be applied to the protective film on request to identify material type, size, part numbers, or your company name for advertising purposes.

Customers Own Material

C.O.M. may be processed subject to prior arrangement on an all care, no responsibility basis. If risks or material faults are identified prior to processing customers are contacted prior to proceeding.

Machine Specifications

Width up to 1524mm

Thickness 0.55mm – 6.00mm

Length By arrangement

Surface Finish For coating smooth cold rolled surfaces

Please contact your nearest Tata Steel branch to discuss the appropriate film for your application prior to specifying.